Product Video: Fmm 'The Easiest Peony Ever' Cutter Set (With Leaf Cutter)

Fmm 'The Easiest Peony Ever' Cutter Set (With Leaf Cutter)


Single Cutter Set £11.99
10 Sets £81.00


The Easiest Peony Cutter Ever® (with leaf cutter included) makes perfect sugar peonies in varying sizes (30mm, 45mm, 55mm, 75mm) in no time at all for cupcakes or celebration cakes, giving them a sophisticated and romantic touch.

Not only great for beginners because it is so simple to use, this cutter set is also a real time saving tool for professionals. The cutters can be used with flower or modelling paste, (such as our Sattina 3 In 1 Modelling paste).  Full step by step instructions for use are included.

Available as a single set or 10 sets

Cutter 1 -  approx.160mm x 60mm
Cutter 2 - approx.152mm x 50mm
Leaf cutter - approx.45mm x 67mm

Please note sugarpaste is NOT suitable for using with this cutter - it requires a paste which holds its shape.