Product Video: Fmm 'The Easiest Ranunculus Ever' Cutters (2Pc.)

Fmm 'The Easiest Ranunculus Ever' Cutters (2Pc.)


Single Cutter Set £8.95
10 Cutter Sets £52.00


The Easiest Ranunculus Ever® cutter set - use this 2 piece cutter set by FMM to make the easiest and quickest sugar ranunculuses ever!

Follow the step by step instructions to create spectacular blooms in various sizes to place on elaborate birthday cakes and romantic wedding and anniversary cakes.   The ranunculus is a stunning summer flower that's very popular in bridal bouquets and on wedding cakes  and if you're a beginner or professional, we're sure you'll love how easy it is to produce ranunculuses to amaze friends, family and customers.

Use both cutters to make different sizes of ranunculus, from a bud up to a full bloom. Modelling icing or florist paste is required so the petals hold their shape.

Available as a single cutter set or 10 cutter sets

Cutter 1 (smooth edge) - approx. 153mm x 50mm
Cutter 2 (fluted edge) - approx.158mm x 60mm