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Complete Set Of Number Cake Tins By Kitchencraft



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This set of number tins is invaluable if you're a professional cake maker who is regularly baking number cakes for birthdays and anniversaries or a home baker who makes occasional novelty cakes for friends and family.

The set consists of 9 tins - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6/9, 7, 8 and 0
(Please note you invert the 6 tin to become a 9).

Grease the 3D tins well so your cakes will release without sticking and decorate to suit!  Unlike number frames, these solid tins means there is no chance your cake mix will seep out whilst baking. Cake recipe is included.

No.1 - approx. 300mm x 130mm (at widest points)
No.2 - approx. 300mm x 190mm (at widest points)
No.3 - approx. 300mm x 200mm (at widest points)
No.4 - approx. 300mm x 240mm (at widest points)
No.5 - approx. 300mm x 220mm (at widest points)
No.6/9 - approx. 325mm x 220mm (at widest points)
No.7 - approx. 300mm x 215mm (at widest points)
No.8 - approx. 300mm x 235mm (at widest points)
No.0 - approx. 300mm x 235mm

No.1 tin - we recommend you use 500g of any of our cake mixes or a recipe of your choice suitable for a 6" round cake.
For all other tins we recommend you use 750g of any of our cake mixes or a recipe of your choice suitable for an 8" round cake.

For a deeper cake, simply bake 2 separate cakes and layer with filling of your choice before covering with buttercream or sugarpaste.