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PME Cake Electric Steamer

Product Code: KCS500



A fantastic piece of equipment for all cake decorators which is already popular in the States and now gaining popularity in the UK. The cake steamer, with 5 vapour release holes allows controlled steam to create an amazing finish to sugarpaste, flower & modelling paste. Please note colours have a slighter deeper tone & appear more vivid after steaming. If you've ever tried waving a sugar holly leaf through a steaming kettle or a pencil with ribbon wrapped round it to add curl, then this will be a godsend!

This handy accessory:
- Removes finger prints, excess icing sugar from rolling out paste, cornflour, rolling marks etc.
- Gives sugar flowers & leaves an incredible sheen.
- Allows you the option to give your entire cake a sheen rather than traditional matt finish.
- Sets powdered dust colours added to flowers & decorations to stop them rubbing off.

Product Information:
Uk plug fitted (230v)
On/off switch
800W power - heats up in around 1 minute
Window with max/min indicator
140ml tank capacity
Steams for approx.8 minutes per fill
Approx.200mm (h)


Ingredients & Allergy Info