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Garrett Frill Cutter

Product Code: KNIPMEGF241



This Garrett frill cutter comes with 3 interchangeable centres to make frills of different depths, the larger the central circle cutter, the shallower the frill. You can use sugarpaste but the frills keep their shape and are much easier to make and frillier if you use a mixture of 50/50 sugarpaste and petal paste or modelling paste.

Kneed equal amounts of the sugarpaste and petal paste/modelling paste together, roll out fairly thinly on a dusting of corn flour and cut out.Open up the circular frill & carefully straighten it out a little. Now take a cocktail stick, celstick or use the end of a paint brush to firmly roll each section into a frill. A dusting of corn flour will prevent the frill sticking and attach to cake by moistening the top edge with water or use a little edible glue.

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