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Assorted Mini Set Patchwork Cutter

Product Code: PATASSMIN



This set contains 18 cutters which are ideally suited for cupcakes and side designs.  Set includes a flower with happy sun face, boy pirate face, bells, Christmas stocking, dummy, nappy pin, handbag, 2 pc bow, tiny bow, banner (so cupcakes may be personalised), tiny blossom, beer glass, horse's head. duckling head, princess face, pair of baby foot prints and a fan. Photographic instructions will be found in the Patchwork Cutters Book 18.

Pirate face - approx. 60mm x 48mm.
Christmas stocking - approx. 55mm x 34mm
2-piece bow set -  approx. 91mm x 29mm and 60mm x 38mm
Duck - approx. 50mm x 40mm
Horses head - approx. 45mm x 45mm
Flower with smiley face - approx. 53mm x 53mm
Princess face - approx. 52mm x 55mm
Beer glass - approx. 37mm x37mm
Tiny flower - approx. 13mm x 13mm
Tiny bow - approx. 15mm x 5mm
Banner - approx. 45mm x 7mm
Wedding bells and bows - approx. 50mm x 50mm
Handbag - approx. 40mm x 40mm
Dummy - approx. 37mm x 27mm
Safety pin - approx. 51mm x 25mm
Fan - approx. 55mm x 35mm
Baby footprint - each approx. 34mm x 20mm